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Chebe infushed hair growth oil

Chebe infushed hair growth oil

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- Hydrating and moisturising hair 

-- Prevents hair from experiencing unnecessary breakage

-- Can be used alongside your favourite conditioner for extra moisture retention

-- Quickly absorbs into your cuticles

-- Seals in moisture 

-- Removes excessive build-up 


Do you want long, health, strong and very moisturised hair? Is your hair always dry, thinning or breaking for unnecessary reasons causing you to doubt whether or not you will ever be able to grow it out to its full potential? Are you a new natural transitioning from relaxers or still using relaxers and want your hair to be strong and healthy?

This hair oil is filled with 100% natural and organic ingredients formulated to help you to grow out your hair at its healthiest whilst penetrating the cuticles to keep it moisturised especially after wash days used as a sealant to store moisture in your cuticles for longer than it would have lasted otherwise in your hair. This oil is formulated for all hair types to help you meet your hair needs. 

Make sure to take progress pictures including before and after pictures and as well as tracking progress. Most of our customers see results within the first 1-4 weeks. 

Directions for use

1. You can use the oil as a sealant to seal in moisture into your cuticles after a wash day by sectioning your hair into your desired sections and apply a few drops of the oil from the ends of the hair working your way towards the scalp ensuring to detangle your hair at same time to coat it evenly amongst all your hair strands and braid it away to seal in moisture into your cuticles. This ensures that both the cuticles and ends are moisturised eliminating and preventing your ends from breaking for unnecessary reasons. 

2. Use on the sections of your braids to minimise dandruff and keep your scalp moisturised and healthy, The best time is after the steam hits your scalp in the shower as your cuticles are already opened the oil will the close over the cuticles. 

It can be used on both dry or wet hair 

3. You can mix the oil with your desired conditioner for extra moisture retention and especially if you tend to forget to  seal in moisture into your cuticles after a wash day acting as a 2 in 1 


Ingredients including 

Castor oil, Glycerine, Sweet almond oil, Tea tree oil, Sage essential oil, olive oil, Rosemary essential oil etc 

My product doesn't include Coconut oil

May include a some nut oils 


Can be used on both adults and kids; However if your hair reacts to the product please discontinue usage 

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