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2 in 1 Blow dryer

2 in 1 Blow dryer

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Volumized blow dryer to give your hair a blown out look that makes your hair more manageable and easier to braid

If you don't want to use chemicals and or relaxers but want to get your hair blown out in a matter of minutes with no hustle. If your child cries while you are doing there hair and needs their hair blown out before you can style, then this is for you 

This blow dryer works for all hair types especially if you have type 3 and 4 hair and find it hard to blow out your hair with both a standard blow dryer in one hand and alongside a paddle brush in another hand. 


- Stretched out look to make braiding easier and brushing soo much easier

-- Gets rid of knots and tangles 

-- Painless if used on wet hair or detangled hair 

-- Gives you smooth, lustrous and shiny hair 

-- Detangles your hair 

-- Dryer + Styler 

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