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Original Gold Hot Comb

Original Gold Hot Comb

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A hot comb also known as a pressing comb or a  hair straightening comb is a metal comb that is used to straighten hair and or lay a wig so it looks flat creating a smoother hair texture. 


  • Good for beginners 
  • Heats up to 200 degrees also known as 400 farenhit 
  • With 3 different heat settings 
  • Base is made out of plastic 
  • Can last you up to a year or longer 
  • One button that operates the hot comb including turning it on and off alongside increasing the heat
  • Straightens the hair room roots upwards 



  • To decrease heat you'd have to turn off the hot comb and start over 
  • May not be hot enough for some people who are after it for the purpose of using it for or or on a wig however it does do the job 
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